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BRDrivingSimEX3V  Driving Simulator - Driver Training and Testing Software



- Easy-to-use graphical user interface

- Teach and evaluate driving abilities in urban and rural environments

- Demonstrate hazards of texting and driving

- Automatically displays and stores driver performance data

- 30 urban and rural driving scenarios

- 3 Monitor, 180 deg virtual scene

- Not a game. This is a tool for training and testing drivers

The BRDrivingSimEX3V is the 3-monitor version of the BRDrivingSimEX , fully interactive, driving simulator software for automatic transmission, passenger cars. The BRDrivingSimEX3V displays a full 180 deg field of view to the driver. The driving simulator software consists of 30 driving scenarios which expose the driver to a wide variety of driving situations in urban and rural environments. Driving scenarios include safe traffic following practice, passing passenger cars and large trucks with opposing high speed traffic, confronting road and construction hazards, diagonal and parallel parking, emergency braking, driving in heavy urban traffic, left turn into oncoming traffic, freeway entry and exit, driving in fog, and many others.

For each scenario, performance data such as collisions, speed limit violations, following-too-close, brake reaction time and others are displayed, time stamped and stored in individual files which can be read with any word processor or database application. Additionally, users have the option to view summary data at the end of each scenario and to present performance data on the instrument panel in real time. BRDrivingSimEX3V is used in driving schools, hospitals and universities. Custom development of scenarios and performance measures is also available. A trial copy of the simulator software is available on request.


Driver Performance Summary

Driver Distractor Display


The BRDrivingSimEX3V driving simulator software requires a Logitech G27, G29, or G920 steering wheel/pedal system. The Logitech G series are the most advanced and realistic PC steering wheel/pedal systems available. They are available at and other on-line retailers.

Partial List of Institutional Purchasers

BRDrivingSimEX user page

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Minimum System Requirements

Windows 7, 8, or 10
2.0 GHz Processor
Video Graphics Card Capable of Displaying on 3 Concurrent Screens (nVidia Surround, ATI Eyefinity, or Matrox Tripehead2Go)
1024 x 768 Resolution for Each of the 3 Monitors
PC Audio System
DVD-ROM Player

Order a free trial copy if a trial period is desired. For more information, read our product return policy.

Product Return Policy


Purchase BRDrivingSimEX3V (Software Only)

Purchase is for Simulator Software Only. Product requires Logitech G27, G29, or G920 steering wheel/pedal set. Specify steering wheel/pedal set model when ordering.

Ships to U.S. and International Customers.

Price: US$499.00 (plus shipping)




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