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GPS Flight Data Analysis

A Tool for Improved Flight Performance

GPS Flight Data Analysis (GPSFDA) software provides the user with an easy-to-use, affordable tool to measure a variety of flight performance parameters with a high degree of accuracy. Pilots, aircraft owners, flight instructors, accident investigators and others now have the ability to examine flight data from widely available, portable GPS receivers to assess their own flight performance, that of a student, an aircraft renter, or even that of a pilot involved in an accident or incident.

GPSFDA software is especially useful for pilots who wish to improve their flying skills as detailed data are made available for specific flight maneuvers (e.g. steep turns) and for performance in cross-country segments (e.g, average altitude and variability in altitude). Pilots training for advanced ratings will also find the GPSFDA software a valuable performance evaluation tool.

Those who rent aircraft which carry these GPS receivers will now have access to real-time data on how their aircraft are actually being flown. Repeated high rates of descent in landing are good indicators of hard, and potentially damaging, aircraft landings Flight instructors will also have an objective record of student performance. This is particularly valuable for assessing performance on solo flights, both locally and cross-country, when onboard instructor evaluation is not possible.

For Garmin GPS Aviation Receivers

The GPSFDA is designed for use with any Garmin(TM) GPS aviation receivers (e.g., aera™ 500) which automatically store a real-time track log of each flight in the .gpx file format. GPSDA analyses the contents of this file and measures a variety of flight parameters including altitude, speed, climb rate, turn rate, and bank angle as well as time and position. The chart display allows the user to see moment by moment aircraft flight performance previously available to owners of very high end avionics suites. Users can save the chart display and compare it to other flight parameters at any given time or position.

Easy to Use

The user needs only transfer the .gpx file from the GPS receiver to their PC and the GPSDFA software will do the rest. Users can precisely select track log flight segments based on either time (within one second) or GPS position (within .000001 latitude/longitude). Any one of the track log flight parameters can be selected and the flight segment analyzed and displayed in a few seconds with a simplified graphical interface.

Minimum System Requirements

Windows™ PC with Windows™ XP (Sp 3 or later), Vista, or Windows™ 7
100 MB of Available RAM
50 MB of Hard Disk space
CD-ROM Player

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