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Technical Reports and Publications

Vehicle Simulation:  Perceptual Fidelity in Virtual Environments.  CRC Press, 2017.

Flight Simulation: Virtual Environments in Aviation. Ashgate Publishing, Ltd., 2005. Abstract

Chapters: 1.Visual Scene Simulation 2.Sound Effects and Communications Simulation 3.Whole Body Motion 4.Handling Qualities and Control Loading 5.Cognitive Fidelity and the Simulator Task Environment 6.Flight Simulators in Pilot Training and Evaluation 7.Simulator Fidelity and Training Effectiveness 8.Limitations in Flight Simulator Design and Use 9.Advances in Flight Simulation 10.Flight Simulation in Research

System Design Alternatives for Simulation Training of Kennedy Space Center Shuttle Landing Facility Personnel. BRI-TR-111204, December, 2004.

Air Traffic Control Communications Simulation: Radio Frequency Chatter and Aircrew Behavior. BRI-TR-140903, September, 2003.PDF

Air Traffic Control Communications Simulation and Aircrew Training. Proceedings of the Royal Aeronautical Society, November 5-6, 2003. London: The Royal Aeronautical Society. PDF

Air Traffic Control Simulation Fidelity and Aircrew Training: A Field Study. BRI-TR-130303, March, 2003. PDF

Radio Communications Simulation and Aircrew Training. BRI-TR-130901, September, 2001. PDF

Advance Technology Applications in Flight Simulator Training and Evaluation: Voice Generation and Recognition. BRI-TR-121099, October, 1999. PDF

The Human Factors of Touch Input Devices. BRI-TR-130997, September, 1997. PDF

Reading Electronic Text. BRI-TR-121296, December, 1996. PDF


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